We have contract with one large Limestone Mine in south of Iran near Bandar Abbas port.

We supply Limestone in following types:

Lumpy - Powder -Hydrate - Micronized


Limestone is mainly Calcium Carbonate - Cao3 - and have many applications.


Applications of Limestone are:

In Cement Industry - Iron & Steel production process.

Poreclain industry - Glass production.

In Metalorjy for melting mineral ores.

For production of magnezium from Sea water.

Food industry.


Oil and Petrochemical industry.

For production of chemicals as anti Acid and filtration.

In poultry & Livestock.

In surface of industrial Furnaces.


In construction Industry.


For Road construction.

Bridges - Tunnels.

Buildings interiors - For Mosaic making.

Swimmimg pools Bottom.

In Agricultural.


 For water and Sewage filtration.

In production of Chemical products.

 Sugar filtration - In production of Sugar from Sugar Cane.

 For production of Ethylene and propylene Glycol.