We have share in one Gypsum quarry in south of Iran near Bandar Abbas port.

We supply Gypsum in powder and rock shaps with competitive prices.


Our Gypsum is with purity of 90% up to 96%


Natural Gypsum rocks are CaSo4.2h2o


Fine Gypsum Rocks sizes are 50 up to 200 mesh.


Size of Gypsum powder are 10 - 50 mm.

Natural Gypsum to be carried in bulk condition with purity of 90% up to 96%.


Shipments of Gypsum powder and lumpy are mostly in bulk condition and loading rate per day in Bandar Abbas port is 10,000 MT.  per day.


Gypsum powder also could be shipped in PP Jumbo bags.


Construction Gypsum with higher whiteness - Micronized - 200 mesh.


Gypsum is exporting from Iran to many coutries in Asia - Russia and African countries.


Other types of Gypsum are:


Crystal Gypsum - Fireproof Gypsum.

Gypton Gypsum

Gypsum powder for making Statues.

Gypsum Plaster.

Gypsum Boards & Pannels.

Ceiling tils - Gypsum Cornices.


Applications of Gypsum:


In construction Industry.

In Portland & white Cement production.

In Ceramic - Tile and porecleain industries.

In Agricultural - Fertilizer production.

For making Statues - Boards and pannels.

In Medical Indusry:

In dentistry - In Orthopedic for making 

Orthopedic Gypsum.


In Petrochemicals for drying purposes.

For production of Sugar as filler.

In Paper - Paint and Leather industries.