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Limestone - B


                          Limestone - B

1- Calcined Lime:

Calcined Lime (Cao) is most pure and ative Limestone.

Consumption of Calcined Limes are million of tons in all over the world.

Calcined Limes are reaction acceptor , therefore are used in Steel industry.

It is also use as raw material for production of Cements.


For making Betones in construction industry.

Also to be used in Glass and chemical indusries.

Calcined Lime is the raw material for production of Hydrated Lime.

Also used as distinfectant in poultry and animal husbandary.


                   Calcined Lime

2- Hydrated Lime:

Hydrated Lime or Lime with water known with Calcium Hydroxide formula - Ca (OH)2

It is white powder without smell.

Hydrated Lime use in Steel Mills for removing slags and unpurities.

Also has application in construction and paper industries.

For water and sewage purification.


              Hydrated Lime