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                              Gypsum - B

 There are other types of Gypsum which are produced in the factory such as following:

1- Granular Gypsum:

Granular Gypsum is one of the best type of Gypsum for final works in buildings.


Normal Gypsum will be grinding and become gramular which is also softer than normal Gypsum.

Granular Gypsum except costruction industry has other applications in several industries. 


                   0 - 50 mm


Gypsum Rock 100 - 400 mm


 2- Polymer types of Gypsum:

 Polymer Gypsum or light compound Gypsum is type of costruction Gypsum with several privileges such as following:

Anti Moisture - Anti crack - Fireproof - more fexibility - light weight.

Types of Polymer Gypsum are:

Gypton Gypsum - Siva Gypsum - Satin Gypsum - Light handy Gypsum - Sprinkle Gypsum - Mastic.